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The designer of VishwaTech India is expert in CD presentation, flash CD and multimedia presentation, and much more, that too on highly competitive price.

CD-Rom (“Compact Disc read-only memory” or “Compact Disc read-only media”) is a compact disc that contains data accessible by a Cd-Rom device connected with the computer. Originally compact disc format was designed for music storage and playback, but later on the format was changed to hold any form of twofold data. Cd-Roms are generally used for distributing computer software, including games and multimedia applications, of course any data can be stored depending up on the capacity of the disc. Some Cds hold both computer data and audio with the latter capable of being played on a Cd player, whilst data (such as software or digital video) is only usable on a computer. These are called enhanced Cds. Interactive Multimedia Cd presentation is an ideal way for presenting information in a user-friendly, innovative, informative and in an attractive way. A multimedia CD presentation consists of animations, high quality sound, rich images, videos, texts and some special effects which grab the attention of the viewer, giving you competitive edge over others.

CD presentation is generally used for

  • Business Presentations.
  • Corporate Communications.
  • New Product launches.
  • Product Catalogs.
  • Sales Presentations.
  • Product Manuals.
  • Corporate Profile.
  • Product Demonstrations.
  • Annual Reports.

VishwaTech: CD Presentation

VishwaTech is India based web designing and development company, and is providing highly affordable services in CD flash presentation. Our Interactive multimedia presentations are an excellent method of providing high impact audio/visual communication to your audience. Our CD presentation is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated tool, which will make big impact. The use of interactivity, motion graphics, video, and flash CD presentation is an excellent way to expand your company's image. We assist our clients through planning, designing and content management modules and strategies. We have extensive in-house expertise and experience in producing fully interactive CD presentation, and it will help the companies to impress their prospective clients with a fresh and innovative presentation about their company and its products. In fact, a lot of our clients are using CD flash presentations for trade shows and exhibitions, buyer presentations, product catalog or as give away reference material etc. Interactive media bring an entire new life to many companies and our flash CD presentation will be more interactive, eye-catching, and will catch the attention of the viewers. We also convert power point presentation to flash.

Our flash team understands that CD flash presentation goes a long way in helping the company to present their facts and figures in a more interesting and in a different way. In fact, our 2D animation designing team and flash designing team is one of the best in the business. The CD presentations can be automatic or semi-automatic. A semi-automatic CD presentation requires human interaction that decides, which part of the presentation is to be selected and when. However, when it comes to automatic presentation it runs through its full-length without user interaction, only minor manipulations are required form user side. If you are looking for a company, which can give you a helping hand in multimedia CD presentation, like moving pictures, you have come at the right place. Our web designing and development teams are making a name for themselves, and they are quite famous for giving quality services. Our development teams are providing solution in e-commerce solution, shopping cart development, data base management systems, etc. If you want to utilize the power of multimedia presentations as an effective marketing means, you are at the right place. We create spectacular CD presentation and multimedia presentation with flash animation development, which will generate a lot of curiosity in the market.

Our CD Presentation Services Include

  • Multi-Platform CD-ROM Creation.
  • CD-ROM linkup to Online Content.
  • Power Point Presentations.
  • CD Duplication Sourcing.
  • Presentation Equipment & Hardware Sourcing.

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