Facebook application development, build new business opportunities

VishwaTech India is providing quality facebook application development services, and you will get networking features, like, profiles, rating and much more.

Facebook & Other Social Networking Application Development

Facebook is a social networking website, where user adds friends and updates their individual profile to inform their friends about themselves. One thing, which is working in favor of Facebook is, it is providing networking infrastructure such as friend management, profile management, private messaging, etc. The Facebook social networking has a lot of advantages, like, it is being used for community building, connecting and making friends, and of course, people are now using it, to build new business opportunities. Now different Facebook sites are providing development platform or API, which helps developers to build social application, which can be plugged into the site. According to Wikipedia, right now, there are 350 million active users are using it worldwide. It provides a compact and complete platform to build social applications. Facebook social network can be also used as an advertising platform.

VishwaTech: Our Expertise in Application Development

VishwaTech is a one of the leading company of India in the field of web development and providing highly professional and affordable applications development solutions for the leading social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Myspace, Orkut, Plaxo, Salesforce.com, and much more. Before developing, we do a lot of careful research like, what functionality our client requires, and whom they are targeting. After that our developers and programmers do brainstorming session, only after that they go for development process. Our Facebook application development has a lot of networking features like blogs, forums, news, polls, ratings, profiles, contests, etc. We work with open source technologies like PHP MySQL, ruby on rails, etc. When going for any social application development, make it sure, you are choosing the best platform for your specific needs. We are not only developing Facebook application, but also, Java application,.Net application, mobile application development and much more.

Facebook Application Development

Facebook doesn't need an introduction. In a very short span of a time, it has caught the imagination of the people. According to the report right now 350 million people are using it worldwide. If you are in online business, you simply can‘t afford to overlook the potential of facebook. It provides you a perfect platform to inform people about your products or services. Now you can well imagine, what a customized application development can do with your business.

Twitter Application Development

Does it need an introduction, we don't think so. Right from the politician to entrepreneurs, everybody is using it. If exploited intelligently and imaginatively, it can do wonders for your business. You just need a good application development company, which can provide you the perfect solution. If you are looking for a company, which can provide you the complete application development services, we are the company, you were looking for.

We are also providing quality services in web designing. While designing, our designers take care of the following factors, like what should be the physical look and feel of your website? How to organize content? What should be the size of the objects? What kind of a graphic should be used? We do take care of the size of the fonts and colors, etc. We have designed and developed a lot of websites, out of which, few are like this, flash website, media entertainment website, educational website, lawyer website, beauty spa, etc.

Our Social Application Development services

  • Wordpress blog design and customization.
  • Facebook applications.
  • Twitter applications.
  • Myspace applications and profile pages.
  • Interactive widgets.

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