We respect and care for your privacy

It is the responsibility of VishwaTech to protect your privacy because we understand the importance of trust and commitment.

VishwaTech is India based web development company and believes that visitors are the reason for our success, and we sincerely respect your privacy on the Internet. While browsing our website, you may asked to submit your personal details like name, email address, location, phone number, fax number and some other details in order to provide you with requested services. This privacy policy is prepared just to make sure to everyone that we care for you and your personal details are handled very cautiously. So, we would ask everyone to read this privacy policy before navigating the site thoroughly.

Use of Information

In order to gain access to few secured pages, we need to extract user's personal details, including your IP address, but this does not mean that your details are sold or exchanged with any third party without your knowledge.

These details will remain secured within the VishwaTech and are used for server maintenance, calculating traffic to site, help people receive desired services and track user's records if anyone misuses the website services intentionally or unintentionally.

We Value Your Suggestion

Your thought/comment about our services means a lot to us, while doing so, we are compelled to extract few details on you but every detail will remain highly confidential

Move Out Option

Website stores user's details on its database for specific period and hold the right to delete it from the database as per the requirement. So user can opt to stay for long by renewing their details periodically or can terminate their link from the website as soon as they are done with the website or do not prefer to take up the services any longer.


We may set and access cookies on your computer but you have the choice to accept all cookies or reject all cookies.

Policy Change

VishwaTech web design & development deserves the right to change this policy either partly or in total as per the requirement, so time-to-time visit to this section is needed to remain up-to-date about the changes on privacy policy.

If you have any further queries regarding our privacy policy; feel free to Contact Us