CMS development, Improve communication between the users

Our CMS development and integration solutions will help the client to easily create, disturb, manage and publish website content from an easy to use interface.

A content management system (CMS) is used for managing the content of the Web portals, directories, forums and websites. CMS is complete database managing software, allows webmaster to edit or update existing static site along with up-dated information easily. In fact, CMS is the complete resource and let a large number of people to add and share stored data, which improves communication between the users, decrease repetitive duplicate input, facilitate in easy storage and retrieval of data, etc. Overall CMS system is a perfect medium for web-masters, editors and publishers to integrate and deploy new or old things, which help them out in a big way.

Advantages of Content management system (CMS)

  • By using it you can convert all your current static pages in to dynamic pages
  • You will able to manage content via HTML
  • You can add images
  • Editing text or updating website ingredients instantly and adding custom graphics to content easily.

VishwaTech CMS Development

VishwaTech is a growing company in the field of web and CMS development. Our developed content management systems will allow you to update your web pages from any computer connected to the Internet with only a user name and password. It will also help you to segregate and eliminate media files, documents, online content, customized data and product catalogs. We develop fully integrated CMS, which can be used as an online text editor, multilingual possibilities, and role based permissions, PDF generation, indexing and other features. We have a long experience in CMS software development. Our CMS development services will help you tremendously to manage your website content in a hassle free manner. By taking into the account the various development needs and requirements of your business goals, we will customize it accordingly. Our CMS development team will give you all the tools, you need to make changes on your own. It does not matter whether your website is for real estate, jobs, cars or something else. You will be able to add a new article, edit a classified listing, update your home page and contact info, without any problem.

It has been observed that new and fresh content always keep the visitors and customers involved in your site. That is why, it makes business sense to tailor made your website by using customized CMS, where you can add new content, whenever you want, and visitors will keep coming back to your site to read more. We are also giving services in web development, and our dedicated team of web development has a one point program to improve your website in the best possible way. We believe in developing website, which, is user- friendly, easy to navigate, ethical search engine codes, zero malpractice and above all easily manageable sites. Why not you visit our web development portfolio to gaze our expertise in web development? VishwaTech has a huge expertise and know-how in Os Commerce development, Joomla, Mambo, Magento, etc.

Features of our content management system (CMS):

  1. Add New Unlimited Pages.
  2. Custom Page Naming.
  3. Custom Keyword Customization.
  4. Custom Meta Description for the page.
  5. Global Templates Customization.
  6. Page Meta Title Customization.
  7. Admin / User / Modules.
  8. User Restriction for the content feeding only.
  9. Content approval and activation by Admin.
  10. Saving Button.
  11. Page Content Keyword Density Statistics.
  12. Edit Existing Pages.
  13. Add Images.
  14. Add ALT to the images.
  15. WYSIWYG Editor for document formatting and easy management.
  16. Global Document Re-Activation.

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